What Is Fire Toolbox?

‍Fire is a collaboration tool for teams, helping them work together efficiently and productively. With Fire, you can set up group chat rooms where team members can post notes and files to share with others; create channels to manage notifications; and even host video calls to keep everyone in the loop. And yet, there are many more tools that can make your collaboration experience with Fire even better. That’s why we’ve created the Fire Toolbox extension: so you can extend your collaborative experience with Fire. The extension is free and available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex browsers. This article will introduce you to the features of the Fire Toolbox extension and its benefits for you as a user. Let’s get started!

Add-on Overview

The Fire Toolbox extension lets you add tabs to the bottom of your Fire desktop app that give you quick access to key tools and features. Some tabs contain links to other apps, while others provide quick shortcuts to functions already built into Fire. For example, the Share & Discover tab lets you share files directly from your computer and discover files shared with you. The Video Calls tab lets you start and join Zoom video calls from within Fire. The Keyboard Shortcuts tab lets you activate your Fire keyboard shortcuts from within your browser. The Fire Person Finder tab lets you see and interact with people using Fire in your organization or workspace.

Share & Discover Tabs

The Share & Discover tab connects your Fire channels to your computer so you can easily upload files from your computer directly into your Fire channels. You can even create new channels from files on your computer. You can also discover files shared with you in channels by clicking the computer icon in the lower-right corner of the file. This option lets you view files on your computer and download them into Fire channels as well.

Video Calls with Zoom

The Video Calls tab lets you start and join Zoom video calls through Fire. You can quickly open Zoom calls from within Fire by clicking the Zoom icon on the right side of your channel tab. You can also use the Zoom icon to create Zoom meetings directly from your browser. Click the icon to open your computer’s Zoom client, then add the participants and meeting details before clicking “Join” to start the meeting. Once the meeting starts, you can click to share your screen and use your computer’s features just as if you were Zoom from your computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts tab shows you the shortcuts for posting to channels, sending files, and more. You can click any shortcut to activate it from your browser. Once you’ve activated a shortcut, you’ll see an indicator in the lower-left corner of your browser. Click the indicator to deactivate the shortcut.

Fire Person Finder

The Fire Person Finder tab shows you the people using Fire in your organization or workspace. You can click any person to see their profile, send them a message, and start a video call with them. Fire Person Finder is also a great way to find and interact with people outside your organization or workspace. Click the “Outside my organization” link to invite people to join your Fire Person Finder.


Fire makes team communication easier by creating more open work cultures through digital collaboration. And, while this is certainly a great thing, it is important to remember that collaboration doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Fire is a digital platform, after all, and this means that it can only ever be as good as your internet connection. You must therefore be careful to ensure that you’re using the best internet connection possible. Once you’ve ensured that your connectivity is up to scratch, there are a number of ways in which you can extend your collaboration experience with Fire. This can include adding tabs to the bottom of your Fire desktop app, which provide quick access to key tools and features, as well as activating useful Fire extensions.

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