The Most Common Mistakes Newbie Cigar Smokers Make

Everybody begins as a fledgling with regards to smoking stogies. It’s a pleasant side interest that many individuals appreciate and esteem until the end of their lives. In any case, some of the time, botches are simple, particularly when you’re new at something. Stogie smoking is the same. Each novice commits errors – yet they’re effectively avoidable with little information. Here are a few normal slip-ups that novice stogie smokers make and how to keep away from them.

1. Stogies don’t need to be costly

Without a doubt, top-quality stogies can cost many dollars each, yet you don’t need to burn through large chunk of change to partake in an extraordinary stogie. Numerous reasonable stogies offer lots of flavor and smoking fulfillment, so don’t hesitate for even a moment to attempt one that is well inside your cost range.

You can spend only a couple of bucks or less on a stogie, giving you the same amount of pleasure and flavor. In any case, obviously, it ought to be noticed that top notch stogies are generally more costly on the grounds that they utilize better tobaccos and more experienced stogie rollers.

2. Not actually taking a look at the moistness and temperature

You should keep your stogies put away at the right stickiness and temperature to keep up with flavor and quality. Stogies ought to be kept in a humidor that keeps 50-70% stickiness and a temperature between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. On the off chance that they aren’t put away in this climate, their flavor can break down, and they might try and foster shape.

To keep your stogies in the most ideal condition, follow these tips:

-Continuously keep them in a humidor

-Screen the stickiness and temperature levels consistently

-Try not to store your stogies close to warm sources, like vents, radiators, and so on.

3. Not allowing your stogie to inhale prior to smoking
One of the most incredible ways of guaranteeing an extraordinary flavor and experience while smoking a stogie is by giving now is the ideal time to inhale before you light it. Like some other kind of food or drink, stogies need an opportunity to “open up” to deliver their full flavor.

Eliminate the cellophane covering and slice the stogie’s cap to give your stogie a chance to relax. You can either utilize a stogie shaper or cautiously eliminate it with your fingers. Then, place the stogie into your humidor for something like 30 minutes to an hour prior to you light it. This time will permit the tobacco to deliver its full flavor, guaranteeing a more charming smoking experience.

4. Not cutting your stogie appropriately

With regards to smoking stogies, how you cut the cap is similarly pretty much as significant as how you light it. On the off chance that you don’t get everything done as needs be, the stogie may not draw well and actually might become harmed.

To cut a stogie appropriately, you ought to utilize a sharp, clean shaper explicitly intended for stogies. These have roundabout edges that cut close to the top of the stogie to safeguard however much tobacco as could be expected. You ought to likewise point your shaper to eliminate just a limited quantity of tobacco.

5. Disregarding the flavor notes of a stogie

While smoking a stogie, focusing on the flavors you’re encountering is fundamental. This can assist you with better appreciating and grasp your stogie and decide how long it will endure.

Probably the most well-known flavors that you’ll encounter while smoking a stogie include:

-Woody and hearty flavors

-Fiery and peppery notes

-Sweet and fruity clues

-Flower components

On the off chance that you notice specific flavors as you smoke, make certain to observe them. This will permit you to more readily comprehend the various preferences a stogie can give and assist you with valuing your stogie all the more completely.

6. Utilizing some unacceptable lighter

You could imagine that all lighters are something very similar and that you can utilize any sort to light your stogie, yet this isn’t true. For instance, numerous stogie smokers favor utilizing a light lighter or a st dupont lighter, as it permits them to get a superior, all the more even light on their stogie.

What you’re attempting to accomplish while lighting a stogie is an even consume as opposed to a point wellspring of intensity. Subsequently, utilizing the right sort of lighter when it is fundamental for smoke your stogies.


Assuming you are another stogie smoker, there are a couple of normal mix-ups that you really want to keep away from to guarantee an incredible flavor and experience. These incorporate not checking the dampness and temperature of your stogies, not allowing them to inhale prior to smoking, cutting them inappropriately, disregarding the flavor notes of a stogie, and utilizing some unacceptable kind of lighter. Ideally, now that you know about these slip-ups, you can do whatever it takes to stay away from them and partake in your stogies without limit.

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