Storage racking for small spaces

Storage can be a huge problem if you have small spaces. It becomes impossible to organise everything in the little space you have. However, there are ways to maximise your storage to make your homes and offices less cluttered and more functional. Using smart storage and organisation make lives easier. One of the common and affordable ways to solve your storage problem is racking. Storage racking not only makes it easy to store your things but also enables a better organisation of the items.  

There is a wide range of storage racking options. Let us consider some of them:

Open storage racks for everyday items

The best option for your everyday items is an open storage rack. You don’t have to keep everything hidden away every time. It means that you can keep all the items that you use regularly/frequently on a long shelf in open boxes. Everything is neatly stored and easy to reach whenever you need them.

Maximise your hallway space

Another way to use the limited space you have is to use the walls in the hallway as storage spaces. You can add some shelves and cabinets to store items and thereby increase the storage space dramatically.

Choose small storage for tricky corners

Filling corners can get a bit tricky. However, every corner counts, especially if you are low on space. You can use the space under the stairs by adding small storage solutions. They are a great place to store paperwork and craft supplies organised in baskets and boxes in homes.

Add boxes and inserts to large storage

Sometimes, large storage can be a waste of space because there is a limit to the things you can stack up. However, adding boxes and inserts is a great way to effectively use your storage space. You can add pull-out boxes and inserts, and mix closed and open storage to customise it.

Hang Up a Peg Board

A peg board is a good way to stay organised and increase your productivity, irrespective of your office size. In fact, a peg board is a great choice to keep smaller office items such as marker pens, paper supplies, and other stationaries within your reach.

Organise Vertically

Another idea to maximise whatever space you have is to organise the items vertically. Install a few shelves on your wall to expand your storage opportunities by making use of the space you would’ve left unused. You can enjoy a clutter-free desk and workspace too.

Throw Out the Bulky Boxes

Most of the time, it makes sense to opt for small, easy-to-reach baskets or boxes to store your items. The bulkier the boxes, the more difficult they are to handle. Furthermore, they cannot be accessed easily in times of need, and you’ll have to dig through the content to find what you are searching for – it is a waste of your time and energy.

Whether you need space to store your files or other items at the office or home, storage racks are great options. You can make the best use of the available space by adding boxes, baskets, and pull-outs to the racks. If you are looking for high-quality storage racks at affordable prices, check out RS Online.


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