Power of Images For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing [SMM] is undoubtedly powerful. It enables businesses to reach their target audience and connect with new consumers via promotions. Social media users are billions, so it is the best channel to get in touch with potential consumers on business and personal levels. It helps to enhance brand awareness and build credibility.

It doesn’t matter if your store is online or offline, SMM can develop your brand. It generates quality leads and enhances conversion rates. The target audience gets to know about your brand values. To enjoy SMM benefits, you will need to work efficiently with every feature including videos, audio, text, and images. In this post let’s discuss the power of images in SMM and ways to use them in your favor.

Reasons why an image is a powerful aspect of SMM

Images are valuable as they convey brand messages more efficiently than words. Marketers prefer images more than written content. Freerange Stock is a free photo search engine having a vast registered user community. The images are sourced in many ways, so you can contact them to know about the image’s authenticity and source.

Enhances user engagement

Images keep viewers engaged. Posting product photos help to get shares and likes on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So, ensure to post striking images that tell a brand story and evoke emotions.

Enhances your product value

Brand visuals can offer a competitive edge. Right images add value to your products, which consumers may be unaware of.

Develops your brand recognition

Social media marketing is aimed at developing brand recognition. Use relevant high-quality images and make posts more engaging, shareable, and memorable. Images have been reported to escalate engagement up to 93%. You get more social media followers and clicks on posts or ads.

Wins your consumer’s loyalty

A loyal customer base is crucial for business survival. It is challenging to build a loyal customer base, but adding images to your social media campaigning can help to reach this goal. Choose relatable images, so that it connects consumers with your business. a feeling of connection transforms them into loyal customers.

Generates more leads

You may be posting content regularly on social media but engagement is not as expected. Add images to the content and it will efficiently generate leads. Studies have revealed that Facebook posts and Tweets with images have doubled in engagement.

Evokes powerful emotions

Images can evoke emotions in onlookers. So, to leave lasting effects choose images that arouse emotions in the minds of your target audiences. For example, just posting a photo of a chocolate box doesn’t evoke emotions, but if you show how a family enjoys it together can connect with ease. Choose the right kind of emotion you desire to evoke before choosing an image because there are many kinds – happiness, joy, anger, sadness, love, and fear.

Influences buying decisions

E-commerce platforms are rich in product images because retailers know it works. A similar attitude applies to your social media marketing. People get influenced when they see product images on social media. If it was just words no one would have cared. People need to see products to build trust. Words don’t build that kind of emotion and are not enough to arouse their interest. Images help them determine if they want to buy or not.

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