Here’s how to boost your level fast in the new world

Are you ready to conqueror the new world? In the new world, you can find various Sources of XP, and the large parts are unique and polished. You can start on the shore of Aeternum, a beautiful island full of adventure and treasures, and you can find the vast world waiting for you to explore. Now you are in a huge world with a different range of modes and environments. And you can find the quick guidelines of New world level boosting here to match up with your competitors. To level up, you can find three different leveling systems.

  • Increase your base character stats.
  • Increase your weapon skill
  • Increase your trade skill

New world idiosyncrasy( attributes)

Putting a point in one of the attributes; You can place jewels to increase your attributes stats. The new world attributes are focus, intelligence, strength, dexterity, and constitution. These attributes can increase basic attacks, stimulate mana and cool down the duration, focus, increase the Melee weapon damage, and increase health status, respectively.

New tips to boost your level in the New world:

  • When you quit from the new world, make sure that you get the XP bonus to start it when you come back. You can get the XP bonus from faction quest; if you are regular, you can get the bonus provided by the daily bonus in the fiction board. ( Mentioned on the top of your screen)
  • Higher-level region can give you more XP because the faction mission stimulates your current area. You can use 12 towns, so if you want to boost your level, you should use more towns to level up quickly; using more towns means that you can get more XP coins and increase your reputation.
  • If another player is fighting with a monster, hit the monster to gain weapon mystery. Don’t worry; you have not cheated them because other players also get the XP and mystery weapon by defeating the monsters.
  • Sidequest can also help you boost your level more quickly; you can complete it along with the main quest. You can finish them both at the same time.
  • Get a bonus as XP rewards, build the new towns and increase the area of your town by using the XP bonus. If you can find the quest in the town region, it is the fastest way to boost the level in the new world. You can also complete the quest by purchasing the new items from the auction shop; it will help you increase your reputation 8n the new world.
  • If you want to learn the new skills, PVC fights are the best place to increase your skills, you can also get the additional benefits from these flights and new weapons level up your character separately. You can get the pro experience in front of these other fights.
  • When you reach a particular level, you can get new weapons, quests, and modes. With new world leveling, you can get new rewards.
  • You can also boost your level by trading skills. You just need to perform the unique trading skill, like crafting skills and refining skills. These skills can level you up quickly as compared to adopting new skills. You can make amours and weapons in crafting skills, with engineering, armoring, jewelscrafting, weapon smithing, arcana, cooking, and furnishings.
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In refining, you can, weaving, stone cutting, leatherworking, woodworking, and smelting.

  • You can gather all the skills in trade which can boost your level very quickly. Logging, fishing, harvesting, mining, tracking, and skinning are the trade skill level.


From these tips and guides, you can easily boost your level in the New World and compete with your competitors in a pro-style.

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